The Top 7 Most Viral Fashion Trends of the Season”

Fashion Faux Pas: the Top 7 Most viral Trends of the Season

The “Denim Disaster”: Head-to-toe denim is making a comeback, and we’re not quite sure why. Sure, it’s comfortable and durable, but do we really need to look like a walking billboard for Levi’s?
The “Puff Daddy”: Puffy sleeves are all the rage this season, but we’re not quite sure how anyone is supposed to move their arms with all that fabric. Are we supposed to just flail around like a fish out of water?

The “Buckle Up”: Buckles and straps are being added to everything from shirts to shoes. Are we going to start seeing them on underwear next? We can’t wait to see that fashion show.

The “Cuff-Linked”: Cufflinks are making a comeback and they’re bigger and bolder than ever. But do we really need to wear our cufflinks on our sleeves? Can’t we just keep them where they belong and on our cuffs?

The “Shoe-In”: Platform shoes are back and they’re taller than ever. We’re not sure if designers are trying to make models taller or just give them a better view of the world.
The “Suit Yourself”: Suit jackets are being worn as dresses, and we’re not quite sure what to make of it. Are we supposed to wear pants or not? And if we do, where do we put our keys and phone?
The “Neck-tie”: Neckties as belts are back, and we’re not sure if this is a fashion statement or just a sign of someone who’s forgotten their belt.


In conclusion, the fashion industry never fails to surprise us with new and creative ideas, but some of them just leave us scratching our heads. But hey, that’s the beauty of fashion, it keeps us guessing and that’s what makes it exciting!

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